Callprint says ‘it’s all in the detail’ with new bid presentation concept

Print specialist, Callprint, says ‘it’s all in the detail’, as it launches a new concept aimed at clients wishing to add something extra to their bid presentations.

The firm’s new ‘It’s all in the Detail’ bid concept adds an exceptional finish to the presentation of bid documents, packaging them in bespoke branded presentation boxes.

The firm’s 3D printing capabilities mean that it is able to integrate 3D printed elements into the presentation boxes, such as rapid prototyping.

Gary Cheek, a Director at Callprint, said: “We all know how important first impressions can be. Our ‘It’s all in the Detail’ bid boxes are tailor-made to give the very best first impressions to those assessing bid documents.

“Our state-of-the-art print facilities, located across London, around the UK and overseas mean the boxes can be prepared in line with the short timescales often demanded by bidding processes and to the very highest specifications.

“Our bid presentation boxes will underscore the value placed upon attention to detail as part of the overall bid and have the potential to make the difference between a winning bid and an also-ran.”

Callprint has seven locations across London and a further 13 locations across the UK, as well as a presence in the UAE and USA.